12-11 t/m 27-11 2016


18:00 - 20:00
Opening en presentatie Parallel #1 met performance door Morena Bamberger.

21:00 - 00:00
Baby Galaxy & Die Nerven


During the presentation of the first group of participants, the work they have made will be exhibited under the guidance of and in collaboration with artist Joan van Barneveld at Poppodium NIEUWE NOR.

From the participants’ preference, the group formed whose cooperation soon became self-evident through their corresponding and
complementary personalities and interests.

The two-month program has begun with a project week by sound artist Paul Devens at B32 in Maastricht. Through the weekly follow-up discussions with Van Barneveld, a workshop visit, different group discussions, mails, mutual agreements, joint visits of openings, meals and sound recordings, the route has been completed.

Linnea Semmerling gave a theoretical background to the conversation during the workshop visit. Tim Rutten and Romy Finke advised the video and photo productions.

What produces music with them or others is the starting point for a performance, video, photo series and text that examines the relationship between image and sound.

Parallel #1 deelnemers

Joan van Barneveld

Begeleidend Kunstenaar

Amber Lalieu

MaFAD 3e jaars

Morena Bamberger

MaFAD 3e jaars

Boris Dieleman

Propedeuse MaFAD/ Kunstbende Limburg