25-03 t/m 20-04-2017


12-03 Screening ‘In Pursuit of Silence’ + lezing Mike Kramer
14:00 – 17:00
Filmhuis de Spiegel, Heerlen

25-03 Presentatie Parallel #3
14:30 – 17:00
poppodium NIEUWE NOR

28-03 TALK Harry Prenger, Joan van Barneveld, Nick Jongen
16:00 – 18:00
MaFAD, Maastricht

20-04 Finissage Parallel #3
20:00 – 23:00
poppodium NIEUWE NOR
acts: Lucas Kramer, FCKIN’ BSTRDS, Erik de Jong, Albatre, Kevin Verwijmeren, Glice.


During the presentation of the third group of participants , the work they have made is presented under the guidance of and in collaboration with artist Lucas Kramer and tenor Eelke van Koot in Poppodium NIEUWE NOR.

Lucas Kramer chose ‘The Scream’ as a starting point for Parallel # 3. The famous artwork from 1893 is a very clear link between picture and sound, the expressive feeling is also recognizable to everyone and thus a useful and accessible cover to begin with.

Then Eelke van Koot, tenor and workshop director of the group decided to add a musical counterpart. He presented the 10th e Symphony of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) to the participants. In this composition, Mahler uses a dissonant sound for the first time in music history; “You can see this as a scream that comes out of nothing”.


Lucas, Eelke, Joep, Don and Menno have been busy with the relationship between music and art in the past two months. They did this by sharing their opinions and experiences, studio visits, workshops and taking recordings. The participants present in a joint performance in language, song and sound different episodes that refer to the energization they recognize in the 10th Symphony by Gustav Mahler.

Parallel #3 deelnemers

Lucas Kramer

Begeleidend Kunstenaar

Don Possen

MaFAD 3e jaars

Joep Hinssen

MaFAD Master Polis

Menno Prins

Deelnemer Kunstbende Limburg/ Student SintLucas Boxtel