27-8 t/m 16-10 2016



20:00 – 23:00 
Feestelijke opening & Live ‘Top Taekwondoka Radio’ door Roy Vastenburg

22:00 – 04:00 
After Party ‘Schwungy Night’ door Mike Moonen

28 augustus, 2+3 september
15:00- 18:00 
Live ‘Top Taekwondoka Radio’ door Roy Vastenburg

2 september

20:00 – 22:00
 ‘ITHLOYS’ LP Release Party Teenage Slaves of Satan


During the first exhibition, which takes place through the support of Cultura Nova, the work of the artists presented during the season 2016/2017 will be presented in collaboration with students and students.

The researching nature of their work is stimulated by the new context; visual art that is exhibited
in a pop-up theater. What characteristics, features, traditions and rituals belong to such a place and how can they be approached and redefined?

Mike Moonen and Martijn Riksen have made a mural in the passage of the street to the concert hall. In this they show aspects of
a concert, such as audience, unity and rhythm in their own visual language.

Joan van Barneveld presents for the first time the designs of LP covers that the artist made for his band Teenage Slaves or Satan. The collages are never intended as independent artwork and investigate their role within the given context in combination with his paintings.

In the corner of the cafe you can hear with a cassette player and headphones how Lucas Kramer converts four different physical compositions (objects) into an auditory composition.

Finally, Roy Vastenburg makes a radio show in which he will live in the first two weekends, making an unusual radio.

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